Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BarCamp Mumbai 3 - Dates

The date is final now - 29 March 2008. Registations are open at the BCM3 wiki. Limit of approx 350 - 400.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BarCamp Mumbai 3 - heads up

The planning for BCM3 is underway. Some of us met after the E Summit 2008 at IIT for planning the next one. Several new faces in the team most noticeably from the recently concluded BarCamp Ahmedabad 1. Looks like a larger camp than the last time.

The focus is on content. So do get the word around. Tell all the folks that you would like to listen to. As usual, we would like all kinds of people there. As content builds up, we can even have tracks such as Start up/demo, technology, blogging etc. Specifically we plan to have a codecamp/codejam as well.

The camp should be next 6 weeks. We now have our own site as well. Do drop in your suggestions.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Beta Launch Bloozler @ BarCampMumbai2

Dear All,

Nothing new, As you must be knowing we were having few request for Product launch and/or Announcement of launch, we are pleased to announce, if you are not able to come to BarCampMumbai2.

Let's announce launch of Bloozler,

Don't miss to understand following two slideshow, What is Blogging 2.0, What can be improved on Current Blogging stuff !

here is FAQ Link

You may also want to catch Nikhil Kulkarni,one of the brain behind Bloozler !

His contact info is available on BarCampMumbai2 Wiki

Good luck to Bloozler !

-BarCampMumbai2 Team

Sunday, October 14, 2007

BarCampMumbai2 Wrap up

BarCampMumbai2 is concluded today at approx 6:10 pm @ IRCC Audi, SJMSOM,IIT-Bombay,
Overall day activity of BarCampMumbai2

Registration starts and Networking.
Distribution of BarCampMumbai2 T-Shirt, DirectI Mug,Nokia's Material including Sticky Notes
having url to Mosh Nokia

Registration Continue,As we expected appro 50% plus people are coming to BarCamp first time,so we have just Kick-off Session of What BarCamp is , by Aditya Mishra, in our planners team i think one of the barcampers, who has attended/organized many barcamp. During which we announce Logistic information, Lunch Area, Tea Aread, Wi-Fi Access, and basic intro of availabitlity of Space. Interesting stuff, IRCC Audi appro capacity of 130 was House full,As a Planner never thought of this, and I personally do not like crowd, but prefer quality, But This is Mumbai Janta,They want to learn, they want to share, they want to make new contacts, and what is the better place then BarCamp ?

We are having 1 Audi approxl 130 capicity , 1 seminar room approx 90 capacity, 2 class rooms approx. 60 capacty each. From 11:00 am onwards to 5:30 pm having continuous slots on various topics including Starting Startup, Funding Startup, Not-Funding Startup, Recruting for Startup,Partenering for Startup, Exiting for Startup.JRuby and Java FX,Nokia developer forum, Blogging 2.,Ajax, Video Streaming and more...! Apart from That one Product launch, just announcing in Next post.!

So Conclusion so Far.

Some people's Negative Feedback or Suggestions noted are:
1. It would be better if 3 parallel track was there than 4 parallel track

This feedback is from the journalist/correspondant, and we are happy to say one more stuff, a great support for press/Print/Media to covering BarCampMumbai2 in the Natural Style. ? You would not able to identify Press/Media person separate from Campers,except you are knowing there are from press !
They were just treating themselves like Campers,Learning and Sharing Thoughts. ! Amazing.

2.Should have online Pre-Fix Scheduled slots
3.Wiki Should be online accesible, Also distance between two Session should be closer.Rooms/Halls are far away.
4. Session is more towards Startup and Managment side, and less on Technology side.
5. Should have enough no. of T-Shirts :(
6. Good Quality Wi-Fi Access, everywhere AC availability should be there !

People Like
1. Direct-I Mug, Thanks to Direct-I, OpenSolaris DVD, NetBeans CD , Thanks to Sun.
2. Talking to Few VCs, Mahesh Murthy is one of them.Having More Inquiry about how to approach any VC, What is Exit Strategy and some VC-Funding related stuff.Some direct Questions like "I am having some xyz cool stuff . How can I approach you/Seedfund ?>
3. Listening to few Co-Founders, Just for a Note, Aprox. 50+ Co-Founders are supposed to be at BarCampMumbai2, and approx. 40+ Co-Founders were actually there during the BarCampMumbai2 !
4. Establish a Contact with VCs/Co-Founders , one of very important stuff is Networking. !
5. Talking with Sun Startup Essential Folks, what their offering are ? How much discount can you avail ? I want to know more ? I want to know more about Technology Side ? and some more Intersing queries about Sun Startup Essential and how can my Startup benefiteud from the program.
6. Product Launch !

So this some stuff about BarCampMumbai2, This is only to help you out who is planing to have Next BarCamp !

Thanks to our sponosors Sun Startup Essentials,Direct-I , Forum Nokia for Sponsoring and taking active participation in BarCampumbai2 beynod sponsoring.

Thanks to All Campers to dedicate your precious sunday for BarCampMumbai2 !

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wait list - How does it work?

We have just announced our wait list. Its something we don't like to do but have to when we cross our infrastructure constraints. A few comments on what the wait list means:

1. The registrations start at 9.30 AM and the event would kick off around 10 AM
2. The folks in wait list are considered around 10 AM and admitted/declined depending on the turnout from the mail list. Its a simple implementation of first come first served algo
3. The Infra constraints exist at several levels. What this means is that we may have a situation where we can take you in, provide you with a seat etc but may have run out of freebies such as T shirts, sponsor give aways etc. What the admission does get you is participation and food.

Do ping us with your questions and we would be happy to answer them.

Awesome number of registrations!

The registrations have crossed 250! We now stand at 264 registered and counting. Awesome response Mumbai!!

Look forward to a great Sunday.

The Video of BarCampBlock